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I'm posting for a friend who is currently computerless. Obsessive compulsive disorder. She has a dog that obviously has it.


The dogs is obsessed with shadows to the exclusion of everything around him. He is about 3 yrs. old.


Is the only solution medication?----which I know is expensive.


I never had an OCD dog to give her any suggestions, other than to hook her up with a behaviorist.



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This sounds like a sensible approach (from a credible source):



Additional links can be found at my website (behavior section): http://www.blackdogfarm.com/BCLinks.html


I have a dog that started obsessing over the bathroom where the cats went to and from their box. Coincidentally, we tore out the old bathroom and he stopped the staring and has never had a similar behavior since . . . Wish her luck.





Black Dog Farm http://www.blackdogfarm.com





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