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Small hole in upper canine (cavity)?

Nanda & Nelson

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I started to notice that my 7 year old dog has a small (maybe 1 or 2mm) hole in one of his upper canines, its tiny, but it is there. 

I've been wanting to take him to the vet to get his teeth cleaned as he has got a bit of tartar on both upper teeth. He hates being brushes or have his tooth touched, which makes dealing with it a bit more complex.

Of course we have contacted a vet (currently abroad in a country where we dont speak the language for a long period), and will have it checked out as soon as they can see us.

Posting here to see if anyone else has had experience with this? I think it may be a cavity which is apparently quite rare in dogs. He is fine otherwise, I only noticed while I was checking him out. I hope it can be fixed like a human cavity as I wouldn't want him to loose a tooth!

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