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George got a nasty surprise...

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So I got a somewhat panicked message from my OH yesterday afternoon.  He had been out watering the garden, and noticed the other dogs were paying a lot of attention to our George's rear end.  This is entirely unusual, so he went and checked to see what was up, and found that there was blood under George's tail.

So we managed to get into our vet that afternoon, thinking prostate problem, internal bleeding, badly infected anal gland...

In the end, there was a shallow penetration wound under the tail, so it has been washed out and he is now on antibiotics to prevent infection and some painkillers.

As near as we can tell, George, who likes to poop in cover, backed up into a bush preparing to poop and managed to stab himself in the ass with a branch.

And he is actually the smartest out of our four BCs.


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2 hours ago, CptJack said:

I feel so bad for him but I also really can't stop laughing!  Poor guy - and what a relief for you guys!

Trying not to laugh, not doing very well. If it makes George feel any better, I sat on a wasp once. I was about 9 yrs old or so. My family had the same type of response. 

I hope he heals up soon!

Ruth & Gibbs

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