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Not a bc, but I thought it would be nice to update on Josh the Britanny, who joined us 5 monts ago today. From a fearfull pancake glued to the ground and afraid of everything he has blossomed into a happy, lively, energetic wonderfull dog. He's still slightly uneasy about strangers but has gone from running as far from them as the leash would allow and cowering to taking a small step back and snifing the air after people pass us. When off leash he ignores people and dogs, but shows no fear as he can keep the distance he wants from them. He's remarkably athletic and physically fearless. I'm constantly introducing new surfaces, objects, etc. to him. It now takes him from a few seconds to a minute to climb/jump on something new, and he shows no fear, just is a bit uncertain at first. He loves to train and is very smart and a fast learner. He's an absolute joy. Tess and him love each other and she's a fantastic big sister, he learns a lot from her. I feel very lucky to have him in my life.

Last week we went on a walk for the dogs in the municipal shelter he came from. In this pic, right at the begining, you can see he was a bit stressed with so many people and dogs.


This is ten minutes later, he has relaxed a lot and was begining to enjoy himself.



Half way through the walk, he was all about playing and having fun.


This is the life :)



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