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Question About Front Feet

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Are you sure this is a problem? I only ask because in all of the other photos you have posted of him, his feet are not turned out. There's one of him running and the front feet are perfectly facing forward.  If he just sits or stands this way occasionally it is not a problem.

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What Urge To Herd said. 




In motion?  He's fine.




Worst picture of him toeing out I could find -  taken the same day, within minutes, of the picture of him in motion.   He's not always like this, at all, even sitting.  

He turns one foot or the other (and sometimes both) out.  It's simply because his chest is still fairly narrow (he's young - he used to be much worse) so his elbows fall in so far that his feet point out.  No big deal.  The problem is if the leg itself is rotated in a weird way within itself. 

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2 hours ago, CptJack said:


More pictures- bottom paw  is cut off but you can still see he's pointing forward in motion.





Sitting, little bit turned out with one.




Forward again.


Basically really, really, don't worry about it.

Thanks everyone. I asked a vet in my agility class and she said the same thing. Im being overly paranoid about lazy feet. Plus he still has a little growing. He's my first agility dog ive started this young and I'm overly protective I guess.  Here are some better photos.




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OK, my first agility dog.

First photo taken when he was about 7 months old


Second photo taken about one year later (with his brother) and on slippery tiles.


I really really would not worry about his front paws.  Although I totally understand being overprotective; aren't we all?


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4 hours ago, urge to herd said:

Speaking from a mechanical perspective, I believe that sitting, for a dog, with front feet slightly turned out might be more stable in terms of holding that position. Walking demands different use of muscle/skeleton, so feet straight forward is best. 

Ruth & Gibbs

That's a good point - because when I ask him to wave the foot staying on the ground turns WAY out.  That has to be more stable, too.

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