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Recommend monkey-proof Richard A. Walters style book

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I have a 14 week old pup who from 8 weeks has done really well with the basics: That'll Do, Lie Down, Heel, Go On, No, Bad Dog, Good Boy, That's Enough, Load Up, Up

Looking for a recommendation on a book to use for more advanced sheepdog training like: Away, Come By, and working with sheep. Hes had a few positive experiences with my 5 Shetland sheep and a few negative ones as they are not impressd at all by him. I may have to wait till he gets fully grown and more confident and aggressive around them to begin to work with sheep.

There is a local lady thinking of offering some BC pup training  April, he'll be 5 moths old then. Says she has some more docile sheep than my Shetlands. Am I being too early in his training... I dont think so but looking for diversity of thought.

Ive used Richard A. Walters "Gun Dog" book before on a labrador pup, and I like the early approach. Are there any BC sheepdog books out there with a similar approach?


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