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Grooming tools & tips for smooth coat

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Is there a standard method for grooming smooth-coat border collies?  I've done a bit of research and all I've done is confused myself even more.

Most comments on the Internet recommend a slicker brush (thin, bent-wire bristles), Kong zoomgroom (chunky rubber bristles) or the Furminator.  People seem to have different opinions on whether a Furminator is a razor-brush or a non-cutting brush.

My 4-month-old girl is a smooth-coat pup. From what I've read, like her rough-coat counterparts, she is a double-coat breed. My girl does not have much of an undercoat except for a bit near her rear end. I suppose the undercoat will come in as she grows older.

How often should a non-working, smooth-coat border collie get bathed? I gave her one bath in the kitchen sink when she was about 10 weeks old. She hated it. She's grown quite a bit so her next shampoo will likely be in the walk-in shower. It has a hand-held spray that should make it easier to rinse all those places that need rinsing.

How about shampoo recommendations? Tips for helping my girl enjoy (or at least tolerate) the grooming experience? 

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The grooming gloves work really well on my smooth coat (and the rough coat, but a normal brush works just fine for him). The one issue I found is that they tend to build up static electricity in low humidity, but dryer sheets or a small amount of water helps. She likely has more of an undercoat than you realize...they're tougher to see on a smooth coat until you really start pulling it out.


My dogs only get bathed if they *really* need it, regardless of coat type. They'll get hosed off occasionally when they roll in horse poop, but that's it. I can't remember the last time they've been bathed. It's largely personal preference, but remember that too much bathing can strip their coat of needed oils and make her skin dry and itchy. They really do tend to have teflon coats, so you shouldn't need to bathe her often anyway. Any baby wash will be plenty gentle enough. 


As for helping her tolerate grooming, find what makes it a positive experience for her. One of my dogs LOVES getting brushed because I tell him how pretty he is the whole time. Ridiculous, but he's kind of a ridiculous dog. My smooth coat wants to be working, not be groomed, so I just brush him in short spurts and never force him to endure it. He knows when he's had enough he's free to walk away. It keeps him relaxed. Treats, praise, short sessions and don't force it. She'll learn to at least stay relaxed, if not enjoy it. 

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