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Renaming a 3 year old rescue. Yes or no?

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A good friend of mine has begun the process of adopting, but doesn't care for the dog's current name. Would changing his name be ok at 3 years old? If so any helpful tips would be appreciated. (This is not a BC. He appears to be a Toy Fox Terrier). 

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Wrong forum for this -- Coffee Break.

A dog can learn a new name at any time. I usually pair the new name with the old one for a while (old name first and new on follows) and eventually drop the old name.

Your friend could also pair the new name with lots of yummy treats. Repeatedly at first to create a positive association with the new name, then gradually fade the treats out.


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2 hours ago, GentleLake said:

Heck. I've ended up calling my own dogs entirely different names than they started out with. Somehow the names I'd originally chosen for them morphed into names that sometimes had no resemblance to the original.

And all my dogs have responded to a variety of nicknames simultaneously as well.

Ha-ha. Me too. :)

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The above comments amuse me as we too have so many different names for our dog haha! 

When I get him out of his crate it’s always ‘hi pupdoodles’. When i’m chatting to him around the house he is ‘little guy’ and when i’m Pretending to be serious it’s Mr Merlin. His name though is just ‘Merlin’ lol!  

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