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Some people train this pivoting behavior.  She just found a bucket we used a long time ago for agility contacts and decided this was the thing to offer in hopes of getting me to throw her ball.   Good hind end awareness!  Also weirdly hysterical to watch.

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Reusing this thread rather than starting a new one.




This is probably the BEST shot I've managed of her tri markings, particularly her face.  It's the result of some funky pre-rain, late evening, lighting but it worked so I'm sharing.

Also she's pretty.

And rolled in pine sap.

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9 minutes ago, urge to herd said:

You've said she is tri, and I could never see it until this pic. Thx for posting, it's amazing how subtle the colors can be. You're right, she's a very pretty dog.

Ruth & Gibbs


It is super, super, hard to capture. 


People tend to assume she:
1-) Is black and white

2-) has sun bleaching

3-) Is actually seal.


Trying to get that she has consistent, traditional markings is freaking hard.  People she sees regularly in person usually eventually pick it up.  Emphasis on eventually.  They're usually pretty startled by it when they pick it up. 






These are more normal lighting from a couple of weeks ago.  If you squint REAL HARD and your monitor is really cooperative, you can VAGUELY see it.  Otherwise?  Nope. So it's not too surprising you hadn't seen it before - or that real life people hadn't.  Kind of fun for me (and occasionally a little bit frustrating but only a little bit)


...and sorry for the babble.






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