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Pupdate~GREAT news at the vet

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The vet examined him manually, didn't think there's any need for xrays. He got a cold laser treatment today, will another 5 over the next couple weeks. She thinks those will help.

I had myself ready for 'needs surgery', and am very grateful that it's not. Hopefully the cold laser will help the swelling and discomfort.

He was a very, very, good dog whilst at the vet ~ extra special breakfast awaited him at home.

Ruth & Gibbs

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Outstanding news!  Roy sustained a stifle injury several years ago (he's now 9) while running in deep water/mud, which rendered him three-legged lame.  Cold laser treatments fixed him completely, and he's never taken a lame step on that hind leg since.  I wish the very best outcome for Gibbs!  Keep us posted, and of course post the obligatory photo with him in his 'laser shades'!


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