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Feeding and worming 8 month old pup

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As I am feeding Harry 3 times a day, I wonder how people cut this down to twice a day and weather it matters if I keep him on 3 meals a day. He eats every morsel. I did try putting more down for breakfast, to see if I could cut out the lunchtime feed, but he simply left the extra.

Also worming tablets are 1 for every 10 kilos, Harry is 15 kilos, do I just break one in half or give him 2 tablets (sounds silly now I have typed this) but any help would be appreciated.


Mandy and Harry


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As I divide up Merlin’s kibble for the day I set aside 1/2 cup that I use to fill a lunch and snack kongs.

As we are home all day it’s nice that he can settle with a lunch kong while we have lunch. 

He’s nearly ten months. I see no need to change this routine. 

Re the wormer, we get a single tablet from the vet based on his weight and he eats it like a treat dog biscuit in one go. 

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Sure you can save some money by just worming without the test. but worming medicines very often have highly unpleasant side effects for the dog, and I personally would never want to put my dog through that experience unless it were proven to be necessary.

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I'm not a fan of medicating without necessity. If the dog has no symptoms AND you're not living in a worm-rich environment, such as the Southeastern United States, I'd not even think about it.  And I'd not like to hear from any veterinarian, Let's just medicate this dog for something he may or may not have. Unless, again, Southeastern US. That locale tends to be humid and hot, just about 10 months of the year. Or more. Worms are very likely in a scenario like that. And I'd still want to do a fecal to make sure the pup needed the medication.

Having had a very bad experience with a human dr who prescribed penicillin for just about Everything Under The Sun, I'm strict about what I and my critters take and why. There's got to be a known reason, not just throwing a drug at a possibility.

Ruth & Gibbs


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4 hours ago, Icaraa said:

Why not worm without the test?

Because these medications are poisons and it can't be doing your dog any good if she doesn't actually have worms that need to be eliminated.

People can get worms too. Would you take worm medicine yourself, say if you'd been in a situation where you might have been exposed, without actually knowing if you had worms?

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