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Aggressive 9mth border collie, getting serious and struggling.

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35 minutes ago, GentleLake said:

While this is a great idea, a clicker in a pocket doesn't allow for a fast enough click to be effective. I've now got my clickers on spiral wrist bands of his type (you may be able to find singles other places) and also to charge a marker word such as Yes! for times I can't get to the clicker in time. You've always got your voice ready.

I do the same thing. You need to have the clicker ready to click at just the right moment, and if you have to pull it out of your pocket the click will be too late. A combination of clicker and  "yes!" spoken in as exactly the same tone of voice each time as possible will do the job.

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I have this clicker, which I don’t have to keep in my pocket. The wrist band is probably more comfortable though. It takes a while with mine before you get comfortable with the sensation of having something in your hand, even though you’re technically not holding it.


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