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What brush to use on new coat

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Previously, I have posted that 6 month old puppy Jack, 18k, is unwilling to eat his meals in the kitchen, would rather take everything into the sitting room or the hallway.

This is still going on.  Refused to eat anything yesterday - fresh meat that he has enjoyed before.  Knowing he'll refuse it if it gets more than a few hours old, even if kept in the fridge, in a fit of peak, I threw it out for the birds.  He ate every bit of it.  

Can anyone tell me what all this is about please?  He gives the impression of being hungry, may condescend to taste a bit, but generally refuses anything I put down.  I can leave it down for a brief while then take it up. Or I have left it down longer, assuming that if he's hungry enough, he will eat. Nope.

Now, I'm not rich enough to pander to any dog, however much I love him.  The meat is clean, and fresh.. Obviously very tasty if it tastes good off the patio.  This has to stop, or he goes to live with somone else as it's been a problem almost since the off 3 months ago. I've tiptoed around him, pretended I didn't notice/care.  Whatever I'm doing, it ain't working.

I have offered to leave his meal in the glass-enclosed outside porch where he is totally private and no-one would be interested in it.  No acceptable either. 

Oh yes, I have tried offering tinned or steamed too, same result.  So what's going on in his little head and how can we put it right? He is very healthy and lively, checked by the vet during the week, stools small but comfortably firm, a bit dark though. As far as I am aware, he isn't eating elsewhere else, we're together 24/7 so I'd know.

Help, anyone please.

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I'm curious about your choice of diet - you say 'fresh meat' but that alone won't provide complete nutrition.  How about trying a good quality kibble and put out a ration for him and leave it? He won't starve himself.

Good luck!


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So you're trying to trick us into reading what amounts to a duplicate post about the same issue you've been whining about for months but refusing to entertain any of the suggestions we offer by using an unrelated subject line? Unreal.

If you're putting the food outside where he can get it -- even though you say you're leaving it out for the birds -- you're still feeding him outside and, yes, pandering to him.

I'm done. I hope if you rehome him that he goes to someone who's got a lick of common sense.

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What are you doing? Re-posting exactly the same post you made some time ago, to which we have already replied many times? Is this perhaps a mistake on your part? I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume something went a little sideways with your posting and you did not mean to post this at all.

Please tell us if this is the case.

If you did mean to try to start all over again with the same post and topic we have already exhaustively tried to help you with, then that is pretty silly. Please stop.


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Once more with feeling:

  1. Place food in location where you want your dog to eat.  If you anticipate that he won't eat at that location, and are concerned about wasting food, then only put about 1/4 of his normal ration down.
  2. If dog eats at that location within 5 minutes, yay, problem gone and you can add more of his normal ration at the next meal time.
  3. If dog does not eat within 5 minutes, pick up food and place it in the refrigerator.  You do not need to throw the meat away or waste it.  Jeez Louise, I eat meat that's been refrigerated for several days.  Precious Poopsikins can eat meat that's been refrigerated for a few hours.  If he doesn't want to, not your problem.
  4. About 12 hours after first attempt to have dog eat, place same food in same location, leave it there for 5 minutes, and then pick up any uneaten food and put in in the refrigerator.
  5. Continue this procedure until your dog eats his meal in the location you have chosen.
  6. Any time your dog reverts to not eating in the location you have chosen, repeat steps 3, 4 and 5.

If you are unwilling to follow these simple steps, you  are more interested in having a problem to whine about than you are in solving the problem.


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The one thing that concerns me about these posts is that, even though your veterinarian has presumably given your pup a clean bill of health, you’re considering rehoming him because of this problem. If that is what you decide, please do him the service of a conscientious placement. He deserves a good home.

How is his weight? If he is underweight and/or losing weight, you need to discuss this with your veterinarian.

If his weight is fine, the advice you have received is all anyone on a forum such as this can do to help. Hence, the board members’ frustration. If there are other behavioral issues aligned with this problem, maybe a consult with a veterinary behaviorist is in order. 

There is also the possibility that your dog is picking up on your frustration with him.  Whatever it is, you must understand that people can only do so much to help without observing your dog.

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If you meant to post a new thread about brush type, I use a pin brush and steel comb for my coated dog, and a hound’s glove and steel comb for the smooth (or just my fingers and a chamois cloth for the smooth).

ETA: I’m sorry, I’m dating myself here. I don’t think people call them hound gloves any more, and I can’t find the old type with bristles any more either. They’re grooming gloves with rubber tips now. 

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@dumbbird7, after seeing 2 instances of duplicate posts showing up in someone else's thread, I'm wondering now if there might not be a glitch in the Boards' hosting platform that's doing it. If this is the case and you didn't actually copy another post with a new subject heading, I apologize for the remarks I made that were critical of it.

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