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My sweet Kit

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Yesterday I had to say goodbye to my Kit.

It was time, and I knew it, and I knew that she was ready to go. She had a nice breakfast and then a little walk in the sunshine and then we had a car ride over to our vet, who first gave Kit to me 11 years ago, and she came out to the car for us. Kit died very peacefully in my arms.

I remember the beautiful poem that Tea wrote which ended with the line: "You knew how to say goodbye. I don't.", and that is how I feel.

But the good thing is that she had a long life, having just passed her 17th birthday a month ago. And we had a good run of it together, she and I, and shared a lot of good times and a lot of love. She was one of the sweetest and most loving dogs I will ever know, and in her prime was astonishingly strong, swift, and athletic.

There is a border collie shaped hole in my life and my home now. I find myself suddenly looking up to see where she is before remembering. And she needed some special care from me the past year or so, and so it is hard for me to remember I don't need to be doing those things. 

I will be posting a proper writing about her in the  In Memoriam    section in a few days when I get it together to write one.

On the car ride, I held her and sang her special song to her.

I don't actually believe in such things, but I told her to go and find Jester.  Well, you know, just in case.


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D'Elle, I can't begin to tell you how saddened I am by this news. I avoided opening this topic till last because I was afraid this is what it would say.

Of course there's a (another) huge hole in your heart. How could there not be? It's always been apparent how much you love your dogs. I'm glad sweet Kit shared her life with you for as long as she was able to, and so disappointed for you that it couldn't have been much, much longer.

I hope it won't be so very long before the emptiness is filled with joyful memories of your sweet girl.



It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life, gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are.

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I have taken many great tips from you and I suspect they came from the great bond you must have had with your pup. Thank you for helping us all with our questions and I feel very much for your loss. It’s an awful void to loose a dog but somehow they find a way to come back to us in a way that helps us heal :) 

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I am sorry for your loss, D'Elle, and am so very glad that you had a long time together. I have two that are 16 and I will be facing that final hurdle with each sometime in the next year or so, I am sure. My heart goes out to you. I always try to find comfort in realizing that the greater the grief in the loss, the greater the love in the time together. 

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