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I'm enthralled with my new family member Gani, 12 weeks old tomorrow.  She's a complete joy and oh-so-easy, just fitting right into the household, no problems at all.

So far, our walks are about a mile which takes about an hour since they are leisurely, non-linear outings, mostly off-leash, with lots of sniffing and playing as well as some built-in work on recall.  This seems just fine -- she runs right in to play with toys when we get home and she's always eager to go out the next time -- so I'm not at all concerned about the current walks.  My question is, as I gradually start to increase the time and/or distance, what behaviors should I keep an eye out for that would suggest that we've done too much?  I want to let her do all she can but don't want over-do it.




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That is a lot of exercise for such a young puppy, we started with 3 x 10 minute walks each day, but due to sniffing and stopping these were about 30 minutes each time total, only now at 6 months does he get 3 longer walks each day. Everyone we meet, vets and fellow collie owners say not too much running and jumping until Much older until their joints and bones are more developed. We are still working on recall, although ours is quite good now, he mostly comes back when called although gets distracted easily.

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Jack is now halfway through month 5, he has morning 'outs' which combines a little leash control (though he's so keen to get going there's not a lot of control at the moment), then after 5 or 6 minutes of this, he is released into a community orchard, but still with long 15' leash attached.  Here he runs a bit, but spends more time sniffing, rooting around in the long grass, and keeping his eye on me as I stroll around.  Recall is practised using a wistle and chopped up sausage.  Usually successful but occasionally a bird flies by and all concentration flies too. This early morning walk takes 20 minutes or so.

Afternoon, he has longer, perhaps down through the woods to the stream, he, again trailing long leash and rooting around in leaves and other stuff, then road work home.  Approx 45 minutes.  No jumping up or racing yet, he's got legs like Bambi, far too precious to damage at this tender age. 

He would like much longer walks of course, and it is difficult to constantly entertain when he is so full of energy.

Pics: You'll see I had to take the batteries out at one stage!  Jack with The Old Man, who went to Rainbow Bridge a couple of weeks ago; looking to see if there's a neighbour he can talk to, and yes, there is a neighbour.  Also his Good Lady Wife doing the gardening!


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Ours is 8 months and he finds even now that more than 50 mins including off leash is too much. 

How do we know? 

Because he’ll go for his toys when he comes home. Can’t switch off. So we say ‘nap time’ and  into his crate he goes and zonks out. If we didn’t do that he’d be Mr Cranky. 

But about 30mins and some off leash running and he comes home and casually lies around resting with no crankiness. 

Someone who didn’t know him would swear that he needed more exercise because he would keep going if we asked him too but we have learned otherwise. At 12 weeks it was mostly just play time and sniffy walks around the woods on our property. 

Hope This helps :)

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