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How big will he get?

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Splash is 19 weeks old! My baby is not so little anymore.. its actually crazy looking back at 'old' photos of him when he was brand new!

My question is, how big will he get? Obviously I can't know for sure, but I'm wondering if anyone has experience with / good at guessing size.

8 weeks: 5 pounds

10 weeks: 8 pounds

15 weeks: 18 pounds (huge jump!)

19 weeks: 24.4 pounds

He's quite a leggy boy, I'm going to attach some pictures. I also plan on getting him neutered when he's about a year, so hopefully it supports his growth. I know males average 31-44 lbs (wikipedia) but so many dogs carry it so differently - does anyone have any predictions for Splash?




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He is so cute!

Did you see his parents? They might give you a little bit of an idea how big he will get, but sometimes they take after grandparents, greats, etc. so it's no guarantee. 

If it helps any my seven month old female is 27 pounds. She was 17 pounds at four months and had that same long legged look about her. She has only gained two pounds the last month and she is definitely slowing down. Her parents were in the 30-35 pound range so she will probably not get much bigger. But it really is so hard to say with any certainty. 

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