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1 year old Border Collie/Australian Cattle Dog needs a home with a job

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Guest Chloe

Hi all. We adopted this gorgeous girl from a rescue at 8 weeks and are in over our heads. We have a tiny house with a small yard. She wants to be out chasing sheep for sure but we are in a city center. 


She shows serious fear which turns to aggression with strangers initially but is very friendly with anyone who’s been in our house for at least ten minutes. Nothing but love and snuggles for us and our family.


She’s extremely smart and trainable. Knows tons of tricks and commands. I know she could be trained up to be a working dog with ease! My inability to sufficiently exercise her is hard for both of us although I would say while she is high energy, she’s relatively average energy for a puppy. 


This is is our first dog. She obviously deserves a different kind of owner and a different kind of life. We live in Los Angeles but I’m willing to drive her many miles to get her that. 


Thank you. 








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If you think she's a sport prospect, I would check to see if you can contact rescues that deal specifically with performance dogs. Given her fear issues, she will have the best chance of finding a good home if she can work with an experienced trainer who can help with the fear issues before she goes to a final home. There's an "adoptable performance dogs" group on facebook that might be able to point you in the right direction or hook you up with somebody who has the experience to work with her.

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