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New battle at mealtimes

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Jack is 21 weeks old.

Picture the scene - 6.30am, first coffee of the day, I'm sitting quietly in dim light, dressing gown, slippers, contemplating the day ahead.

Jack, ventures up onto the settee.  Not allowed, he knows this.  But he's rummaging through the detritus on my side table; pens and rubbers, post-its, scraps of newspaper and other stuff.  I say nothing, and  don't correct him as he is obviously looking for something in particular.  Interesting!  Seconds later, he noses papers out of his way and picks up his collar and presents it to me.  'Time to get dressed Boss, outs time..' I am stunned. He has already done first duties in the garden, but a walk is now expected.

Am I up to dealing with this kind of intelligence, I ask myself, can I cope with being controlled by a mere dog?  Hmmm...


And thanks for replies to the feeding quantities - I've got it sussed.  Perhaps I should ask the dog himself, he seems to have all the answers ha ha.

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@dumbbird7 I was poking a bit of fun at myself for trying to explain your duplicate posts. I had postulated an explanation for how they could have happened, then another one popped up; hence my silly comment. I mean no offense! 

I enjoyed your post the first time, as I can relate to the obvious bond you have with your dog. 

ETA: Reference Post


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Have been having trouble with the site, just confused.  Trying to post about a different problem but anything added was tacked onto the frightening intelligence post.  Not very au fait with computer stuff as am now in my dotage and have no grandchildren to put me right.


I'll go away now and be quiet...

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@dumbbird7 Technology moves so quickly! 

I had always considered myself tech-savvy, having done a little programming in prior employment. But... I grew old and fell behind when MS-DOS became a dinosaur and the new kid on the block was graphical user interface. My most recent problem was disappearing punctuation on my iPad, which seems to have reappeared with an update. No idea.

So, I totally get it! 

Welcome to the boards!

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6 hours ago, dumbbird7 said:

Trying to post about a different problem but anything added was tacked onto the frightening intelligence post.

I'm a confirmed Luddite and can embarrass myself quite easily with my complete lack of understanding with most things tech.

It often seems that when some people are posting here that they can highlight sections of text to copy and delete them, or to quote only portions of a previous post, etc. It probably would have worked in this instance as well to just delete the text that was coming up and then rewrite whatever new you wanted to.

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