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Help?! chance of pregnancy?

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Hi everyone, 

I have a problem, and I'm quite worried. :( 

My sweet little Border Collie was in heat until about 5 weeks ago. Last few weeks she seemed low on energy, and I took her to the vet today. She presented with enlarged nipples, some weight gain, but no large tummy. So the vet said: based on external symptoms either a false pregnancy or a pregnancy. He could not feel any puppies. Ultrasound could not be done today, has to be done later in the week. 

When she was in heat I kept her on leash of course, no contact with other dogs. So I just suspected a false pregnancy, but just to be sure I phoned my dogsitter. She had her for a few hours exactly 6,5 weeks ago, and she only now mentioned that she walked her on leash and that another dog kept bothering her, and may have been on her for 10 seconds, certainly not longer than that. 

Of course I was pretty angry with her, I gave her very specific instructions, and she should have let me know immediately (I even asked that day if everything went ok). 

What is the chance of a successful pairing? She would be 2,5 to 3 weeks away from giving birth, the only thing I see are enlarged nipples, but no large tummy. It could be just one puppy of course. 

Reason to worry? Or large chance of this still just being a false pregnancy?


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My dogs’ nipples always get quite a bit bigger after being in heat, especially when it was their first heat. 

I’ve never heard of a dog getting bred in those few seconds, but would have to wonder if your dogsitter told you the whole truth. 

I would try not to stress about it, and wait for the ultrasound. It’s the only way to know, and if she is, there’s nothing that can safely be done except deliver and raise the litter. 

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If your dog sitter is telling the truth, and the physical contact between your girl and the male was only for a few seconds, and if you are certain that there was no other time when your girl was in contact with a male, then your girls is just experiencing a false pregnancy, which is bothersome, but not a disaster.   False pregnancies are reasonably common, so I wouldn't panic unless you are worried that your pet sitter isn't being completely truthful or accurate, or if there is any possibility that your girl was around a male at some other time.  If you are worried I would skip the ultrasound, which isn't completely reliable at detecting puppies, and wait until a few days before the possible due-date and have an x-ray.

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Thanks for your quick replies!

She had absolutely no contact with males the entire time she was in heat, except for that one moment with the dog sitter. I'm always very cautious, and I instructed her 3 times, so this is very very frustrating.

I'm doubting she is being completely honest, it feels like she's omitting some details. She did mention the male was approximately her size, so if she is in fact pregnant that would not cause complications. 

The ultrasound is scheduled for tomorrow. In the mean time I'm just keeping my fingers crossed she's going through false pregnancy. I'll post the result when I get it.


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