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I just learned of the death of Donald McCaig yesterday. This a great loss to the working border collie world. He was a tireless advocate of the working border collie and a great storyteller. If you read only one of his books, I suggest An American Homeplace, which is the story of how he and his wife Anne left the PR world of NYC for a sheep farm in the Virginia Highlands.

Godspeed, Donald.



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I am so sorry to hear the news.  Read his book "Border Collie Wars" soon after getting Cowboy.  It changed how I will think and act concerning Border Collies forever.

His voice on the board was always one to read and listen to.  I will certainly order  An American Homeplace shortly.

RIP good Sir.

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I was afraid to open this thread just by the subject. I never met Donald but enjoyed bantering and reading about his experiences and wisdom he continuously shared here. RIP Donald, you were a gift to so many here and abroad. 

ETA: I just purchased An America Homeplace, thanks for suggesting that, Julie.


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50 minutes ago, gcv-border said:

 "I will definitely re-read "The Dog Wars".

I think that to honor Donald and the decades that he was an advocate for the Working Border Collie, every Border Collie owner should read "The Dog Wars".   

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I am deeply sad to read this news. I never met him, but always eagerly read what he had to say on this forum, and respected his opinion whether it was the same as mine or not. The Dog Wars is a book I have recommended to many people over the years, and it has changed many minds about dogs and border collies.

I always looked up to him for his knowledge, his grace and his politeness. He was a good dog man and a gentleman. I will miss reading his words very much.

Godspeed, Mr. McCaig.

(I am ordering An American Homeplace today)

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As soon as I saw the title of this post I had a really bad feeling. Mr McCaig contributing so much to the world of Border Collies, I read Border Collie wars when I first joined these boards and although I had an understanding of the fight, the dedication that went into the fight was was inspiring. 

I will miss his insightful comments and simply his love of dogs. 

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