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Should i get a border collie?

Guest Julie Holm

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Guest Julie Holm


The past year I have been preparing to welcome a dog into my life.

And for the past 3 months, i have extensively been reading about and looking into border collies.

I am active, I go for long walks when I'm bored (i aim for 15-20 km a day), I run quite often (mostly in the mornings). I want a dog that can keep up with my activities. I want a dog i can take with me hiking in Austria and Norway ( i live in Europe) both in summers and winters, go on camping trips, etc: the full outdoor life. I'd love to train obedience and give them mental stimulation too. My worry isn't not giving enough time or dedication to my future dog, because i am fully aware that especially a puppy, especially a border collie, is a full-time commitment and I have every intention to give them exactly the time and effort and patience and dedication they need. I don't just want a dog to get a "dog". I want a dog for the experience, the loyalty, the bonding, the struggles, the adventures, everything that comes with owning a dog. 

But I also want a dog, that after a long day of activities, will want to just lay on the couch while I read a book, or who will want to cuddle/snuggle. I am single and living alone, and therefore I'd like a companion not just for my active life, but also for the evenings watching a movie or just relaxing - but all sites I find, claim that they are hyperactive and never want to sit still or be affectionate. Is this true? Or is this because they haven't been engaged/stimulated mentally and/or physically enough? 

Will a happy and active border collie be cool with chilling once in a while?


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