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How to stop nipping behavior

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Guest JFerber

We have a rescue dog (border collie) we got a year ago. In the last month we have allowed her to start sleeping in our bedroom. She is very good with me and my husband. My husband 

has Parkinson's and uses a walker. Just recently, when he gets up at night to go the the bathroom and when he is trying to get back in bed (he moves a little slow) our dog will get up go to him and start nipping at this legs. 

My question is why would she do that and how to stop her?  Thank you in advance for any insight and help with this.

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How old is your dog? I wouldn't have any idea as to why she should start this behaviour. It could be in the nature of the dog. How is her obedience? A sharp No could be all that's needed. Does she have a basket or mat? Maybe a command of Basket or Mat. Maybe a little bit of obedience training is needed? Good luck

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