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Honestly it's been a grind. Five year grind. Gaining Jack's trust has been long and hard. Last weekend we had a hint of his trust while camping. This weekend we cut two mats from behind his ears and he layed quietly. He was suspicious and yet, he trusted us 100% for the first time.  Absolutely 100%. 

Sorry, not sorry. Finally achieving that moment is amazing.

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Thank you all!

Ironically had a moment today with Jack again. I accidentally left the side gate open and Jack decided to roam.  In the past, our lab is the one to run, this time is was Jack.


Ran out the gate close to panic, calling and whistling, and here he came running right to me. 

Belly rubs and what a good boy followed. Yea, so glad over the past 20 years, we've done our due diligence on recall.

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