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6mo Old BC - Lie Down

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Guest CrookedPost

We have an almost 6mo old pup, working lines, that my goal is to use on our farm with sheep & cows.  I am looking for ideas how to get that rock solid Lie Down.  In my opinion, very new to herding opinion, a stop/pause/down is one of the most important things.  

I won't formally start him on stock until he's 10-12 mo old, I want to get a handle on the little things while he matures & is a pup.  I've given him 2 min. in with my sheep and he did well (didn't do anything stupid), he shows no fear of our commercial beef cows when he's snuck into the pasture twice (I'm doing more to prevent that).

Ideas?  I currently have been using every day things as training times, lie down for treats, food, toys etc. and he's not getting it - my 2 yr old BC will drop and the pup stands there like "Huh"?  :)    


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I like to incorporate it into play.  Just fooling around with him or her.  When they are lying down, say the word, so the pup associates it with lying down, as he is doing it.  I tried snacks once.  It worked.  But Border Collies are smart and it got so she would run over to the fridge and lie down, hoping I would then produce the piece of cheese from the fridge.


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