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solution for arthritis?


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Hi Nancy


I hadn?t seen the particular article, but green-lipped mussel extract has been known here in Oz for some years as probably useful in lessening the effects of arthritis in humans and dogs. My old Kelpie/BC cross bitch was on green-lipped mussel extract capsules from the health food shop for a couple of years (from about age 11 or 12), and then a food supplement called Sasha?s Blend became available from vets ? it includes green-lipped mussel and shark cartilage. (They have a website - http://www.sashasblend.com.au ) My vet was of the opinion that it would probably do some good, but if it didn?t, it certainly wouldn?t do any harm. The benefit from my point of view was that I was able to keep Jess active, and relatively comfortable, without pain meds for longer. From about age 14 she went on to Cartrophen injections, and then on to Metacam and finally Rimadyl ? but I figured the longer I could avoid having to use the NSAIDs the better.


I also used the Sasha?s Blend supplement with my obedience competing BC boy from about age 10 or 11, and he was still competing happily until 12 and a half.


On that limited experience, I?d certainly say that using these sorts of products is a useful addition to arthritis management. Like all the glucosamine and/or chondroitin type products, they seem to have a least a lubricating effect on joints, and at least in younger dogs, may even help to improve and rebuild cartilage.


Hope this helps.






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