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13 week old pupdate

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Splash is doing awesome! Pretty much potty trained (except on the shaggy rug in my parents’ house), has a pretty good recall, loves to play with puppies and dogs. 

As far as commands, he knows reliably: sit,  down, stay, recall, touch, off, jump, hi-five, spin, go to mat (and maybe a few others I’m forgetting). Is this average progress or is he behind? I am honestly so busy with class that some days we don’t even get in an official “training session”

He had his first swim on Sunday... after just seeing an ankle deep kiddie pool he ran right into the lake and started swimming! Was super cute. Hopefully come summer he’ll be a right water dog




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Those pix are very, very cute! I really like the cat-cuddling one. My dear Samantha, (my very first bc) was a water dog, too. She loved water in any form except for bathtubs, or being hosed off after a mud fest.

She was about a year old when I got her, right at the beginning of the rainy season here in CA, and she had a high time with puddles, rivulets, streams, and the ocean. You'll need to have a plentiful supply of towels if you want to indulge him!

Ruth & Gibbs

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Sounds like your training is going really well. My puppy, Harry is 5 months old. His sits, down, stand, paw and wait are very good. His recall is ok. I haven’t started on touch, so will start doing this as I understood that he wouldn't get this till a lot older. He also walks very well on the lead but is now becoming more aware of things around him, like cats, wheelie bins, motor bikes etc. he was not bothered about them when he was younger. The one thing he will not get is not jumping up on the worktops in the kitchen, we have worked on out and stay, which he does but the minute I come out if the kitchen he is there, but hey ho we are getting there.

PS your puppy is super cute.


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Sounds like you are doing great. We have a water dog too haha!

Don’t forget that training doesn’t have to be in specific ‘sessions’. Our little guy has to ‘lie down’ for pretty much everything (even before going up or down stairs or out the back door and before playtime) so that’s ongoing training in my book. 

When I feel too dog tired to do much else I will have him sit by me and we go through ‘kiss’, ‘push’ and ‘paw’. If i’m trying to get supper ready I make him sit and stay, quickly throw treats in the other room and then say ‘search’ and off he goes. Or I get him to ‘walk nicely’ round the kitchen island lol!

i’ve recently started working with specific toys, hiding treats on that toy and then praising him for finding ‘blue bear’ or whatever the toy is called. He doesn’t remember the names of his toys yet except for Blue Bear as this is what we have worked with most. It now means that when I am busy I can ask him to ‘find blue bear’ and then reward him when he brings it to me. I still do ‘sessions’ with him but when life gets in the way these are good stop gaps. 

As to how much progress you are making, I was reassured by a book I read that said if your dog has impeccable manners by six months (eg reliable sit and a couple of others) it’s far superior than a dog having a dozen tricks up his sleeve and no reliable manners :)



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