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Guest Andrew Bailey

My friend had a 3 year old border collie male dog! I loved that dog. He was from working parents up in Northumberland. When he laying on the floor in front of a cupboard his mother asked the dog to move just touching him! the dog bite her arm very serverly and it had to be stitched at the hospital, a couple of weeks later another similar situation arose, and again he attacked and bite her other arm and again it had to be stitched. His father took the dog to the vet to be euthanised, but the vet wasn’t prepared to do it with the dog being so young, he was around a year by then. This past 2 years he’d been a lot better, that is until a couple of weeks ago, the son who used to take him on long walks almost every day had gone away to university, and a few days after he’d gone his folks along with the dog drove down to visit him. The following day they’d been out and had a great day, that night his mother was clearing the table whilst the dog had been asleep on the floor, he jumped up and attacked her again ripping open her arm and having to once again go to hospital to get stitched.Always only his mother that got bitten. So with this being the final straw they took him and he was euthanised.

  How sad it is, he was a great dog, loved just to be out, and when out he wasn’t any bother at all.

  Please if any experts out there could explaine why the dog did this! and could he have been changed from these attacks! there for not having to have been euthanised.


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Welcome to the Boards.

This particular forum is intended for people to ask questions of an experienced sheepdog trainer about issues regarding training for working livestock. You might want to repost this in the General Border Collie Discussion forum.

That said, because all these instances occurred when the dog was disturbed while sleeping, I can't help but wonder if he may have been deaf and reacted when startled out of a deep sleep. A dog with normal hearing may have heard someone approaching even while asleep and reacted differently. I've heard of similar things happening with deaf dogs.

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Andrew, I know some deaf dogs, some of them border collies, and most of the time you'd never know they were deaf just watching them navigate the world. They do amazingly well without being able to hear, but obviously they don't respond to sounds. It can easily go unnoticed to the casual observer.

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Guest Andrew bailey

Thanks for that! But no I’m pretty sure he wasn’t deaf. He was great when out running around, I’m just sad he’s not around anymore.

its just I’ve been out with him and Beau my own border collie several times! When I’d call his name he’d turn around, that’s why I don’t think he was deaf. In fact I’m sure he wasn’t deaf. He was a smart beautiful dog,but having been bitten on 3 occasions his mam had had enough! She was so afraid that he was to bite someone whitest out on the beach.

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