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Separation Anxiety

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I have a six month old male, Ace, he’s been with me day in and day out since he was six weeks old.   He has spent his first six months on our summer ranch with me.   He does extremely well when left alone at home or in the truck unsupervised.   However when I return home from being gone he throws a temper tantrum.  It’s literally every emotion all in, jumping high pitched wine, snapping at you.  He’s happy, excited, sad and mad all in one.  It takes about 15-20 minutes for him to calm down.  It has slowly gotten better as he matures but still an issue.   I have tried to just simply ignore him and I don’t make big deal when I return home, however there comes a point where he has to be disciplined due to the jumping and snapping.  I have to grab him and make him sit, but that seems to prolong the temper tantrum.  I simply just take him with me everywhere and he stays in the truck when necessary and he is fine.  He had never chewed on anything due to being anxious.  We have two other dogs and a cat that he adores and plays with exceptionally well.  It’s juat the temper tantrum when returning home.  Any other suggestions or techniques that will help?      

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