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Why does my BC do this?

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I rescued a border collie mix when he was about 3 years old. He’s one of the laziest border collies known to man. He wants nothing to do with toys even though there is thousands laying around. He will walk 5 miles if I want too but doesn’t have too. Get him in a fence with a group of dogs and he will heard. Well every once in a while when I come home from work I notice that one of my shoes is moved into the center of the living room. It is not chewed on, just moved. He doesn’t do it all the time just occasionally. And recently not only did he move a shoe he also moved a pair of leggings. Again he didn’t chew just brought them into the center. Is that normal? And why does he do that?

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1 hour ago, Guest Andrew bailey said:

To pot with the other border collie forum! why not just use this forum! I mean to say, it’s not rocket science we’re talking about here. LOL

Because the different forums on these Boards have different purposes and different followings depending on what people are interested in. Since this forum is intended to be answered by an expert in the field of training a border collie to work livestock, posting unrelated questions here just wastes that person's time in scanning for appropriate posts requiring her or his attention.

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