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Hey everyone, 

I'm new to the boards but have enjoyed reading all of your posts and responses. Quinn is a 3.5 month old BC mix who I adopted from the shelter around 8 weeks (but I'd fostered him for two weeks prior, so I'd had him since 6 weeks). He is such a lovey puppy but he certainly exhibits a lot of the typical BC puppy behaviors you all have described. He's also ridiculously obstinate sometimes :) He knows sit, down, and shake and we're currently working on stay. Recall work is okay, but still in process. Quinn loves to swim and do agility-related activities (limited, I'm talkin about jumping across big flat rocks at the creek, walking up a retaining wall made of sand bags, etc.). I'm looking forward to participating in agility training with him as he matures. 

Anyway, here are some photos of my Quinn boy. In order: 

  • Quinn at 2.5 months versus 6 weeks when I got him
  • Quinn and his sister Lexie (who looks very much like a German Shepherd, leading us to believe their dad was one) sitting for treats 
  • Quinn now, at 3.5 months, while we were outside playing. 

Enjoy! Looking forward to being a part of the discussion here. 





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Very cute pup. And welcome to the Boards.

Just because they're litter mates is no guarantee they have the same fathers. With multiple ovaries female dogs can have litters fathered by 2 or possibly even more males. ;)

They do look an awful lot alike though, so wouldn't be surprised if they're full sibs.


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