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Thinking of adding another Border Collie to family (Need tips)

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For the past few months my girlfriend and I have been thinking of getting another Border Collie. We're open to adopting a puppy or rescuing. We have an 18-month old male Border Collie that we've raised since he was 7-weeks old. The same breeder is expecting a new litter (same parents) this month, and she is offering us first choice of a puppy if we're ready. I have a few concerns though. 

  1. I'm worried that my dog will feel betrayed if we get a new puppy. We're very close, and I don't want to lose that bond.
  2. I'm worried that they won't get along.
  3. Is my current dog old enough? At 18-months is it okay to add another puppy to the family?

I guess I'm just looking for stories from fellow BC owners that have went through similar situations and had the same concerns. Any tips are appreciated!!


Thank you!

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1. Chances are your dog will be very happy with a same species companion. Dogs interact and play with other dogs in a way they can't with humans. Also his new friend will always be there. There is a minor chance your attention might be regarded as " his" and will be guarded against the new guy ("jealous" behavior). But you know if your dog has such tendencies, and even then it is usually managable.

2. Only trouble I have had with that is introducing an other bitch to the one we had. Both adults, trouble to the point we had to let the new one go. Introducung a pup to a male adult? You'll  be fine.

3. I would say yes. I would rather not want to manage and raise 2 puppies simultaneously. But at 18 months your dog is allready pretty mature.

So yeah, go for it, I think you shouldn't worry about your relationship with your current dog, if it is strong now it will stay that way, and no doubt you will enrich his life by getting another one.  Ever since I introduced a second dog to my first I am of the firm opinion that the pro's of keeping multiple dogs very much outweigh the con's.


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I think having two dogs is much better. They have each other for company on walks, they can play together etc. 

When we got our puppy our older dog was 7 and had been an only dog for 3 years (due to planning a move to Europe) he had been very depressed when our other dog had died far to young, but he also blossomed and became his own character, when he was young he was a sidekick and a bullied sibling. 

He and I are also very bonded (he is my agility partner) and initially when we got Fen his character kind of faded away, going back to being a sidekick but at some point having a puppy around became the new normal and he came back to being himself. 

Both dogs are jealous of the time they spend with me, but that is just tough, I don’t work with Rievaulx any less than I did before I just now have two dogs to train. 


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I agree with what they've said above. Most dogs really enjoy having another dog in the family. There can occasionally be rivalry, especially but certainly not always between females (inter-bitch aggression) that  can be intractable, but the answer to that is opposite sex pairings or 2 males. Many, many of us have had multiple females coexisting with no issues, but it's worth mentioning because when it happens it's often severe. And because you've already got a male it's a moot point (but could be instructive for someone reading the thread later). ;)

Border collies by nature tend to be attention seekers and yeah, can be somewhat jealous of another receiving  attention. But it's usually not adversarial. Just as you'd do if you were adding a second child to the home, be sure to make time for one on one time for the older dog so he doesn't feel slighted until he gets used to the new pack dynamics.

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Don't worry too much about whether or not they will get along. Your adult dog may hate the puppy at first! May live it, may feel neutral. But if there's a reaction you don't like, give it time and patience. Most of the time, when you bring in a new puppy, even if the adult is put out at first, he will come around eventually.  Just make sure that your established dog gets plenty of attention so he doesn't ever think he is being replaced.

Let us know how it goes!


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I had two dogs once, not bc's, and added a very young pup, 4 weeks old (long story). Next two weeks my older dog would growl and bare teeth when the pup was less than 3 steps away from her. Then she resigned herself to the situation and began breastfeeding the pup. And she breastfed her for the next 3 years.


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