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Mats behind the ears

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Jack is having problems with mats behind his ears and they seem to pop up overnight. He is brushed regularly plus when we give him ear scratches we run our fingers through his fur but these stupid mats seem to happen overnight. 

Anyone have any suggestions? I know they are painful and they aren't exactly easy to cut out. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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Stop doing ear scratches. You are tangling up the hair doing that. Instead, make it ear strokes.

If your dog is young, he may be in the stage of going from puppy coat to adult coat and that stage is often a time when fur mats easily.

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Will try all the above suggestions. He's six or seven so the change from puppy to adult coat isn't the issue. When we brought him home from the pound his coat was full of burrs, tangles and mats. It was an absolute nightmare getting everything out. We thought we were going to have to shave him at first, thankfully with a bunch of conditioner, clipping and time we were able to get him sorted. We felt soo bad for him but now other than behind his ears, his coat is gorgeous.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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Show Sheen or some inexpensive cream rinse diluted a bit w/water. Keep it in spray bottle and give the mats a spritz or 2 before combing.

OR ~ this may sound weird~ rub a little cornstarch into the mat. Gibbs gets those small round burrs in between his feet. His fur is fine, and it wraps around the burrs and they are difficult to get out.  I thought of using the cornstarch, just put a bit on my finger and rub it on the burr/furr tangle.  Then I'm able to gently pull the burr out of the furr. Sheesh, sounds like a Dr. Seuss rhyme!

It might be a little neater than a liquid, but it would probably leave that fur a little lighter in color. I keep a small plastic container of corn starch right by Gibbs' bed so it's handy.  And it is so, so cheap!

Ruth & Gibbs

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