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Last attempt at the shepherd's whistle.


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Yeah, I know what you meant. The sound generated by a shepherds whistle is afaik based on so called Helmholtz resonance. I have not found analysis of the shepherds whistle sound but I did of another Helmholtz resonator; a tea kettle. This shows a lot of ultrasound being generated, so that may also be the case for shepherds whistles , though they are of course of rather different dimensions than a kettle. Here is the link, way too technical for me btw; https://engineersportal.com/blog/2017/9/24/acoustic-signature-of-a-tea-kettle

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Dear Smalahundur,

"Donald" or "Mr. McCaig" suit. I wince at "Don".

In my corner of rural southern Appalachia, if I work for you, I'm "Donald" and you're "Mr.". High status individuals are "Mr. Donald" or "Miss Anne". After a lifetime a few  become "Uncle Donald". I'm not him but my wise wife is "Aunt Anne".


When I was trialing I found it useful to sharpen my whistles by practicing when I was driving somewhere w/o a dog.


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