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Guest RubyWednesday

Hi All, 

I've just been away and my 6 y.o. BC was under the care of my father and grandparents. They made her incredibly overweight which i became aware of and asked them to change her diet repeatedly (they are very experienced BC owners so i don't know what happened). Eventually she became injured and my grandmother took her to the vet who said it was most likely a ruptured or torn ligament in her back right leg.

I have just gotten home and so have not been able to take her to the vet myself to find out if it is ruptured or torn, as they would have to put her under general anaesthetic and then go on to surgery under the same anaesthetic if it turned out to be ruptured. 

The problem is that i haven't been able to find a vet who will perform the surgery in rural Australia for under $6000 which i can't afford right now, as any dog over 15kg is considered a big dog so they charge $6000 instead of $1500. 

We have gotten her weight down to 19kg so far (her usual healthy weight is 15-18kg) and she has been on house arrest for the past few weeks while taking joint medication and having an hour of massaging every day.


I'm lost as to what to do- my preference would be to monitor and let it heal at home but that is obviously not possible if the joint is ruptured and not just torn.

Any advice/opinions?

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