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Report on the EAOD Research Project

Eileen Stein

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Not new research, ongoing research running down leads towards identifying the causative mutation(s).  Beyond this I am not at liberty to discuss because of the confidentiality agreement (common practice in research) established at the onset of the research.

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When the test was made available and Lohi and Mars have a monopoly and we have no choice due to no publication. However,  Wisdom/MDD has far exceeded Verizon and Comcast for worst customer service ever. There are also 2 more tested  "carriers" that are deaf, BAER tested...but there's been zero follow up,  for 2 years, with the owners of these "outliers". If the agreement hasn't been nullified then my apologies,  that's one agreement that maybe shouldn't have been made seeing the predicament folks are in.

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I do not know if editors and reviewers of genetic journals believe if these types of genetic tests and the supporting data are worthy of being published.  I (and others not in the field of genetic research) will have to trust those in the field to answer that question.

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11 minutes ago, Mark Billadeau said:

The cea test, as far as I know, has always been for the causative mutation.


Go reread the statement the HEF put out on this test.

I've read it, many times.


My understanding is the CEA test is for CH, not colobomas, and dogs don't go blind from CH, only colobomas and not always.

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