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USBCHA National Cattle dog Finals

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Hi! My name is Niyole Kuzee and I am on the board for the USBCHA National Cattle dog committee. We are working to put on the National Finals this fall October 11-14 in Marshfield Mo. There will be 50 open dogs and 37 nursery dogs competing for the National Championship. It’s a long four days of hard competition and a lot of fun promoting this amazing breed. The border collies have to be qualified through out the year in order to be a part of this exciting event. 

The USBCHA has a sponsorship program to help raise money to assist with these trials. We are looking for anyone who might  want to sponsor a handler/dog team. The sponsor of the winning team both in the nursery and open has a chance to win double their money back as well as have an add in the program, their name announced as their team is running and be part of promoting the working border collie.  Each sponsorship costs $125. The sponsorship form can be found by going to the USBCHA website, clicking on the Cattledog tab, and then going to the finals website. You can also contact me via email at niyolelivingston@outlook.com. I would be very glad to help. 


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This section of the forums is for asking training questions of an expert. You might get better response if you post this in "Under the Handlers' Tent"  and/or the "General" section, where it will be noticed by more members and not flag the resident expert that she has a question to answer. 

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