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We let the boys out for their evening constitution as per our usual post dinner routine. When we let them in, Jack ran into the house reeking of s**t. We are not sure which species, whatever it was, it was particularly fresh and extremely foul smelling. With a lovely, yet subtle hint of musk.

Ahh bath time at 11 o'clock in the evening... what a fun, planned activity. Then the lab wanted a bath as well, because I'm sure all of you know, what's good for the goose is always better for the gander. 

Dogs...tell me again why we have them? :rolleyes:

Oh and the fur tomorrow is going to be of apocalyptic nature. 

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YES! The fouler the odor, the happier the dog. My first bc, Samantha, was an absolute sweetheart of a dog. I'd gotten her from a backyard breeder, didn't know any better at the time.

So, I wanted to visit a friend who hadn't met Sam yet. I took her for a lovely walk pre-visit. Turned my back for a few seconds, turned back to see my beautiful red/white/amber eyed girl literally dripping with something that came out of some other critter's hind end. And not any healthy kind of something, either. It smelled about 10 times worse than any regular animal droppings of any kind.

I had just bathed her the day before. And she stood there, dripping with something that smelled so bad I could barely approach her, and WAGGING HER TAIL! Delight dancing in her eyes! She seemed PROUD of this accomplishment . . . 

My then husband worked night shifts and slept during the day. Late that afternoon, he stumbled out of the bedroom, winced, and asked me 'WTF is that SMELL?' I'd re-bathed Sam, and had had all the windows open for at least 6 hours. And we both could still smell it. Ground Zero for the nasty odor was still her ruff and ears. 

Still makes me queasy to even think of it. No other dog I've ever owned has smelled this bad

Ruth & Gibbs

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I have one dog who earned the nickname "poopy face" after rubbing his face in something disgusting right before an agility training session.

On the unplanned bath side, I recently was just settling down for a pre-dinner drink with my partner, who placed his glass of stout on the coffee table. None of our dogs counter surf, or will take things off the coffee table, but one dog turned around and with a swish of his tail sent the glass of stout flying all over one of our other poor dogs and our new pale grey rug.  I was banished to the bath with one dog while my partner was trying to clean up the rug.  I thought I could just rinse the beer off but the poor dog still smelt like a brewery so it turned into a full bath.

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Ah yes, the fresh scent and texture of a super runny cow pile. I had a girl that would seek them out. (My neighbor doesn't have very good fencing for his cows.) The worst time (IMHO) was when she rolled in a pile so sloppy that it was still dripping off her when she returned - and then she wanted to SHAKE! And her attitude was exactly as described by urge to herd - bright eyes, proud bearing and a tail that wagged so hard, her whole body shook.

Luckily, it was summer, and I  could use the outside hose to bathe her.

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