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Strong frisbee recommendation

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I'm looking for a good disc/frisbee to use for my dog so I'm curious if people have any suggestions. I don't need a soft frisbee as my pup doesn't catch it out of the air, instead I have her chase it (usually rolling it along the ground) and play tug of war when she brings it back. The tug of war, however, has led to the killing of two frisbees so I'm curious if people have any experience with one they really like that will stand up to some tugging and chewing. 

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Jawz, Super Sonic, or Eurablend. 


I used them all regularly, with hard biting dogs who puncture through and destroy regular discs in a single Toss and Fetch League Session (so 2 minutes of playing, total) and those are still 100% fine, and without a mark.

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