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Hi everyone

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Hi guys I’m new here, I thought I’d introduce myself and my 2 BCs a little ☺️

I’m Marcia, I’m from South Wales, UK. I’m a dog groomer and qualified in dog behaviour and psychology, canine first aid, veterinary nurse assisting and strangely forensics and criminal profiling.

i got my first BC Alfie when he was 4 months old. He’s a black and white tri colour who is 9 years old in 2 weeks and the apple of my eye. He’s very laid back but turns into a guard dog when someone closes a car door 5 miles away lol.

Belle is our most recent BC. She is a black and white girl who is 13 weeks old. She’s Unbelievably energetic and cheeky but she’s coming on in leaps and bounds.



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Hi Marcia, I am Brian and have a 4 month old called Dudley. We live in East Kilbride, Scotland. Welcome to the boards. I am pretty new to the boards myself but find them to be a very valuable source of information. There are some really great people willing to help and advise.

Best of luck with your new addition. Great pictures.


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