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I was thinking of you and Roan earlier today on my way back from the vet and hoping that you'd send an update. Thanks for this.

He looks and sounds wonderful! I can't imagine how those ears felt. And is that a bald spot on his head?

I'd read years ago that baby shampoo was very drying for dogs, so happy you're not continuing with it. But he looks so much better thanks to all the great care you're giving him. That poor, previously neglected dog must be so very happy to have something as soft and wonderful as your bed, and even more so all the attention you're showering on him.

I think doing therapy work with a dog is one of the most rewarding things. It's truly been one of my greatest joys and one of the most amazing things I've ever done with a dog. And Roan has a look about him that reminds me very much of Bodhi, so I'm going to go out on a limb and predict he may be a good candidate for this work. As Bodhi's getting older (somewhere in the 13-15 range, though I think closer to the lower end) I'm starting to look for another dog I can continue with when he has to retire. I'm almost a little jealous of your finding Roan; I haven't been having much luck.

If you'd like to talk about therapy work feel free to PM me. If nothing else I can tell you a couple of registries to stay away from.








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That's quite a handsome fellow you've found there! Congrats on finding your new buddy, and kudos to you for being his saviour. Sounds like he's very lucky to have you, and before all is said and Im sure you'll probably feel like you're actually the lucky one. Just wanted to add that if you are still having difficulty finding a shampoo that doesn't irritate him, my vet recommended Dawn to me which has worked very nicely. Good luck with Roan.

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If you hadn't told me this was the dog you first posted pix of, I wouldn't have known. His coat is gorgeous! My Shoshone was that dark red, I think of it as brick red.

It doesn't seem like he has any lighter patches on him, maybe it was really all sun bleaching.

And it's not really HIS bed, it's just that you share it. Very nicely, I'm sure.

Ruth & Gibbs

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Thanks all for such positive encouragement and for sharing your personal stories.  Each of these animals is so unique in character and mannerism like ourselves.  Combining the two and creating unique relationships is ever fascinating to me.  The potential for great relationships to be formed and grow and mature provides me endless, priceless enjoyment.

GentleLake:  I'd like to learn more about your experience with therapy training.  I know nothing, relatively speaking and feel I need to be educated.  I also can empathize with your situation with your beloved Bodhi.  For myself, having lost Mags (see related pining thread I started) so unexpectedly and suddenly in July turned my world upside down.  After much deep mourning I came to the conclusion that if and when I did find another dog I wanted him or her to be not be so similar to Mags.  I felt that I would unintentionally compare or seek similarities.  Actually, I have been considering Golden Retrievers as I had such a wonderful one.  However, I also decided I would keep my mind completely open and 'browse' dogs from a wide variety of resources and trust in the fact that when the timing and conditions were right I would just know it.  I liken it to parachuting out of a plane the first time;  I had to just jump and trust that things would work out.  I think this openness to vulnerability helped bring Roan into my life.  Just my two (or three) cents.  :)

Roan continues to excel not quite two weeks into his new life.  As structure is so important to BC's he has grown accustomed to going to bed and waking up at consistent times, go outside potty and regular intervals, eat at regular times and anticipate that I will return from another room so as not to have to follow me around.  He is engaging with his ball and bone on his own and starting to lay on his back and wriggle and twist to scratch his back, what I refer to as 'doing the jig'.  This seems to me one of the best signs of a dog's comfort level as it's usually includes happy sneezing and nose and face scratching with paws.

One interesting thing I've observed about Roan is that he has only barked twice:  Once when he was wrestling with a Golden Retriever puppy who frustrated him and another time when we went through the car wash and the mechanism scared him.  Each time was only a bark or two.  He seems very well mannered otherwise.  He's kind and patient and loving!

Attached are a couple, admittedly self-serving and braggartly pics of Roan enjoying the beautiful first days of autumn here in Minnesota.



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Hey everyone,

It has been just over 6 months now and I've been meaning to give an update.  I apologize for the delay.  Winter here in Minnesota was long and I'm finally getting caught up on things.

I haven't reviewed Roan's pictures in a long time and I am shocked when I look now!  I am so glad I documented his history.  The dog that now receives compliments as to how rich and thick his coat is doesn't even resemble the one from September.  His coloring is somewhat mahogany in color now as compared to the orange shading he had.  His build has also changed.  He looked so underweight and void of definition.  I would describe him as looking full and fluid today.  I think that may have to do with his healthy diet and regular exercise he receives daily. 

His emotional health has changed dramatically also.  He is much more out-going, engaging and confident in his behavior.  Within the last few weeks he has began to move to other parts of the house during the night after beginning on my bed.  It seems he feels more comfortable exercising his independence not needing to be dependent upon where I am.  He also doesn't follow me around within the house as much.  Outside, he will always keep an eye on me but wander up to a certain distance doing his own exploring. 

At the dog park and around the neighborhood he has many buddies.  He's comfortable approaching both people and dogs particularly showing favor to people.  He seems like he may like them more than the other dogs. :)  I have began taking him to a kid's counseling group.  He will sit or lay down and allow everyone to pet him.  I want to continue improving his therapy/interface skills with the goal of it becoming a regular part of his schedule. 

The pics attached were taken in March following the last (hopefully) snow fall of the year.  His renewed spirit comes through clearly in his eyes.  This is one happy camper.





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What a wonderful thing to see! He is really a completely different dog, so content and healthy.

Congratulations on all the time and love you have given him, and I am sure you have received it back in multitudes, and will for years to come.

Thank you so much for the update.

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What a happy ending! You have made a world of difference to this one, now obviously very handsome, dog who deserves every bit of your love and care. 

Thank you very much!

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