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Introduction of new puppy

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Hi all,

we have a 10mth old border collie and will be introducing a new member into the family, a 9 week old border collie x Labrador.

What is everyone’s advice or techniques or ways to introduce them and ideas for the first few weeks to allow them to get to know each other and become the best of friends... hopefully... fingers crossed.

Thanks in advance.

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The older one (at 10 months) is still a puppy, so you shouldn't have much in the way of issues, unless one has fear/resource guarding issues. Of course, things are often easier if they're of different genders (you didn't mention).

More to the point - please make sure you're giving the new puppy plenty of "alone" time (time in the absence of the older dog). Otherwise it'll bond to the other dog, and not to you. (I currently have a 3.5-month-old BC pup who has never been allowed unsupervised with the other three adult BCs, and only is allowed to greet the other three for brief intervals each day. Duff sorely wants to be a "big dog", but that's not in the cards for now). Each dog needs to think that YOU are the best thing since sliced bread! 

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I currently have a boy and the new addition is a girl.

anyhow... we brought her home and the two seem to get on well.

chasing each other, playing and touch wood no biting, snarling or baring teeth.

happy days.

lets see how day 2 goes tomorrow.

oh, and here’s my new girl... introducing Millie... Labrador cross border collie.


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