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Help on gait analysis (after FHO left back leg)

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Guest leadbc

Hi (sorry for my language, I had tried to register from Spain without success).

My topic is about a Border Collie with severe hip dysplasia (both legs). The dog was surgery on left rear leg with Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO) two months ago.

Rehabilitation of operated leg (left rear leg) continues, we are focusing now on problems with opossite rear leg (right rear leg was limpping before surgery and continues doing it, nails are rubbing against the floor during release) and right front leg (it shows signs of stress).

We are waiting operated leg be ready to proceed to surgery right rear leg. Thigh outline is: 10,6 inches (left rear leg) and 11 inches (right rear leg). The dog was increasing muscle strengh of both legs since surgery, and the operated leg is touching the floor more and more.

I have recorded videos to gait analysis. I would be very grateful for help in this topic.

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