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Puppy affraid of loud noises (traffic)

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I have a puppy (he's 6 months now) who loved to go outside and walk around, but three weeks ago he didn't want to even leave my apartment. He was always alert and paid attention to every car or bike on the street, but now they upset him too much. We tried everything but he just lay down on the elevator or walk 10 mts and come back to the building entrance. Yesterday he started to go outside volontarily, but he is still very anxious and rush to go nowhere.

There is something I can do to help him overcome his fear or it's just a phase and I should wait?

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I have been told that 6 months is when dogs have their second fear period. That is what happened to my dog at that age. I don't know your specific dog, but if that is the case, I would advise you not push anything right now. Don't wrap him in bubble wrap (figuratively speaking)  or anything, just don't push him to do anything he's not comfortable doing. If he doesn't want to go outside, take him out to potty and then go inside and play games instead of going for a walk. If it is a fear period, it will pass.

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Yeah he may well have just hit that scaredy-boy-pants age where everything seems suddenly “WARGGH OMG WHAT WAS... WARGHHHH!

I wouldn't make too much fuss and not lay on the reassurance ither which might sound cruel but if he picks up the hushed tones and lots of “It's OK don't worry” you make him think he should worry cos you're worried he can tell by the tone of your voice everyone's worried now WARGGHH :o  It's like Chicken Licken.

Keep the walks by traffic short, sweet and as you go throw in the odd distraction here and there just very casual things to distract him from looking at and hearing nothing but the fast flowing traffic. If and when he gets a proper scaredy-boy moment just one gentle friendly pat and quiet reassurance to follow you “C'mon follow me fella lessgo yeeeeee” and then try to get off the busy road not long after and keep making those very short and sweet trips not turning him into jelly but not flooding him with what he's feeling nervous about either.

My eldest developed a weird fear of traffic lights and the little person signing for the deaf on the bottom right hand side of the TV. Still not massively keen on the signer appearing now and then but she got over the traffic lights

The other dog still hasn't quite made his peace with cement mixers and gas cylinders I let him go sniffing and giving it a looking it and working out for himself whether or not it will kill him. He'll get so low on the ground as he approaches it it's like he's on wheels and then soon as his nose touches it HOLY SHIT NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE

Key thing (I find anyway) is to stay close but let them suss things out for themselves and gain confidence. Otherwise they will never learn how to cope and constantly need or keep looking to you for reassurance.

Discovering hedgehogs and frogs and watching their reaction to that is best I died laughing first time mine tried working out what to do with a tightly curled hedgehog and just whacked it back and forth with a paw like they were playing squash. The more I laughed the less worried they were until they were having a whale of a time and poor hedgehog is curled up tighter than a tennis ball :P



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