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Puppy affraid of loud noises (traffic)

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Guest Fleust


I have a puppy (he's 6 months now) who loved to go outside and walk around, but three weeks ago he didn't want to even leave my apartment. He was always alert and paid attention to every car or bike on the street, but now they upset him too much. We tried everything but he just lay down on the elevator or walk 10 mts and come back to the building entrance. Yesterday he started to go outside volontarily, but he is still very anxious and rush to go nowhere.

There is something I can do to help him overcome his fear or it's just a phase and I should wait?

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Please read the descriptions of the various forums before posting. This forum is for people to ask a herding expert about training questions specifically relevant to working dogs on livestock.

You'll get more answers posting this question in the General Border Collie Discussion.


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