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Happy derp at the beach

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Well, we are on the last day of our family vacation here in Cape Hatteras NC, and I have to say, Brèagha has enjoyed it just as much as we have. I will post a video of her swimming and digging huge holes in the sand when I get home, but for now, pictures. (She was doing that face because I was holding a stick. LOL)









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Such a happy dog!

I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer, and you may already be aware of this, but please be careful of dogs chasing sticks.  They can be very dangerous and lead to throat and mouth injuries.  A friend's Aussie was running with a stick, knocked it against a tree and the stick spun around in her mouth and lacerated her tongue and throat.  Messy, terrifying and enough to make me swear off sticks forever.

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@Lawgirl I do realize it, but she loves them so much that I occasionally let her have one. I don't throw sticks if there's other dogs around or things in the way. I agree they can be dangerous. It's one of those things where sometimes I say "okay fine," but still exercise caution. We buy our dogs all these fancy toys and all they want to do is play with sticks, am I right? :rolleyes:

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