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Apologies if there is already a thread / topic for UK based rescue - I reckoned to look and couldn't see one but if I've just missed it please  let me know or move.

Just posting link to Border Collie Rescue - an incredible UK registered charity based close to where I live and which specialises in the rescue, rehab / re-homing of border collies and working sheepdogs.  Won't bore you to death but the website is packed with info, advice, really interesting articles and fact sheets and case histories - some heartbreaking some totally heartwarming but  all brilliant.


Anyone in the UK looking for a pet / companion or a working dog for a very specific purpose no matter how big, little or random, I cannot recommend just giving them a call and having a chat.  Same for anyone that needs advice or has a dog they need to re-home - give them a bell.  

Few farmers here no longer even consider buying having discovered BCR.   All said they assumed the dogs would be old, strays and not fit for work or training  ("Well.. it's a rescue really you won't get really good workers in a dog rescue") and were amazed to discover the majority of dogs are workers, trained and more or less ready to hit the ground running.

Former lead dog "Dot" was a rescue then fostered and put to work assisting with every single dog that passes through the doors.  Seen here training "Gael" and keeping a beady eye which she did until happy Gael knew the drill and Dot was happy to hand over the reins and retire herself.  Incredible dogs and genuinely dedicated, volunteers, specialist handlers and trainers who are friendly, honest, incredibly helpful and there's never a bit of judgemental tones or crappy attitude to anyone that needs help with a dog they can no longer keep etc. 

We help with fostering and re-homing of the family / companion dogs but if anyone has a specific question feel free to post here or drop me a message in confidence if you prefer and I will do what I can to point you in the right direction. 

In the meantime here's an old video of Dot, Gael and Nicki :)


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