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Agitated After Exercise

Guest Dog Musgrave

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Guest Dog Musgrave

Our fourth border collie just joined our family a month back - a beautiful a six year old rescue called Jett.

He gets exercised a lot with his foster-sister Jaina, but even after going for a 5km run and then having a few sprints chasing after a frisbee thereafter, we come home and settle down a bit before breakfast.

But then he gets all agitated and does clockwise loops around the back yard as if he wants to get out and chase the birds that he can hear, even though if we do go out to get in the garbage bins or check the mailbox he does not hare off.

When we blocked off part of the yard to let the grass grow back he seems really frustrated he cannot do his loops, and is alternating between running around the bits that he can still access, headbutting the plastic mesh stopping him from hitting up the part of the back yard that he likes, and pacing around the house panting and whimpering.

I have even taken him back over to the park to throw the frisbee around again in case there's still residual energy left, but when we get home again it's the same.

What's his problem?


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