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Sponsor a team at the 2018 National Sheepdog Finals

Sue R

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It's not too late to sponsor a dog/handler team for the 2018 National Sheepdog Finals! But today is the last day to place your sponsorship and get that information in the program. Sponsors will be accepted after today and will be announced when their teams run, but the program deadline is today! 

This is such a great way to show your support for a favorite handler, mentor, trainer, friend, or a favorite dog, or even for someone you don't know but you want to sponsor as your way of supporting the showcase of the North American working Border Collies!

It's easy enough to do at the website, and you'll know you are giving valued financial support to the 2018 National Sheepdog Finals as your show your support for a team (or two, or three...) of your choice! You can select to sponsor teams individually or both dogs for any one handler, and will receive VIP passes, VIP parking, access to the Handlers' Tent, sponsor hats, and 15% off all merchandise in the tent at the Finals! Each sponsorship is just $125 and be assured that your sponsorship will go to supporting the best of North American working sheepdogs and their handlers as they compete in Alturas CA from September 24-29. You can sponsor teams in the Open and the Nursery competitions. 


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Remember, please, that while the deadline has passed for inclusion in the printed program, it is never too late to sponsor a team - you will still get passes, a cap, etc., and be announced when your team is on the field. Also, you will be eligible for a cash prize if your team places first or second in either Open or Nursery (or you can choose to give your cash prize back to the Finals, as some folks do). 

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