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New Pack pictures and questions

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I’m hoping these work! I’m not sure the last time I posted? I have a new addition to my pack. His name is Parker he is crazy and about 2 years old and he is some type of mix who thinks border collies are almost as awesome as himself. TBh after him BORder seem calm. Cressa is going on 13.5 years old and I feel lucky to still have her after all this time!! ❤️❤️❤️ And Val is 5 almost 6 years old.


Does anyone have suggestions for taking decent pictures of multiple dogs including dark face dogs(Valek) with white factor dogs(Cressa and Parker) Plus their super white humans(Me) and have them come out nice?







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Just a slight update. With age, training, and treats the terror errr... TERRIER aka Parker has learn how to stay and pose for pictures.
I’m still blessed to have Cressa and in 2 weeks she will be 15 years old now. :wub: She is now totally deaf but still demands to be included in training and any activity.

Val and Parker are BFF. Cressa still rules them. 






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10 hours ago, Flora & Molly said:

What a lovely pack :wub: I love the bc/terrier combo

Me too! Before Parker I wasn’t interested in terriers since general people describe them as terror... aggressive/territorial/barkers. I only consider him since my friend has 2 rat terrier mixes who are sweet as can be. I also spoke to his foster mom for about 2 weeks to make sure his temperament was solid, and made sure the rescue knew if he started being aggressive/territorial/a barker I wouldn’t keep him(tbh I was surprised the rescue did approve me for him because of that). The breeds or at least my boys seem to balance each other out although sometimes they feed into each other naughty behavior. 




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My mother has a jack russell terrier (the little one in my profile pic). We had the same fears and sure she is a lot feistier than the BC's, but turned out very well behaved.

Our combined pack is similar to yours :)  one old and wise dog and then the dynamic duo - my Molly and Maxima the terrier (we named her after our queen :P)



(I can't seem to find a front facing picture of all of them together...)


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