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Merck Veterinary Manual online

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Thanks for the link! I must admit I never thought to look for it online, but then I have it in book form so I guess I had less impetus to go looking for it on the web. But then if Merck updates its verterinary manual as often as they update the Merck Index (every 5 years or so), then going online may be the best way to get up-to-date information (and it's certainly cheaper)!


Although I have to say that I got my manual for free, along with the Merck Index and the Merck Manual (human health stuff) because when I still used to work for the American Chemical Society I had to go to a breakfast (in the French Quarter of New Orleans, a terribleplace to have to visit--LOL!) during a conference for the rollout of the newest version of the Merck Index, and we were able to fill out a card to get the other Merck Manuals for free!



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Hi Dawn,


Pups are fat and happy. I sent them home with Travis on Wednesday. He has been very patient with me, considering that my paranoia increases directly with the amount of difficulty I encounter in the whelping. Therefore he has to put up with looooong lectures on the proper care of pups. He's lucky I didn't have this Merck manual at hand. biggrin.gif


If I had stayed in russells any longer I would have had to start to do my own tails and dewclaws. Going to my semi-poodle vet to have tails done is a pain in the butt! I cool my heels with three day old pups while the blue haired old lady in front of me plays 100 questions with the receptionist about just why Fi Fi won't eat (said Fi Fi can hardly walk she's so fat)! Of course the receptionist who dislikes me because I occasionally disagree with her vast veterinary expertise, is only too happy to make me wait. wink.gif


How you doin? Hey why not start a thread on hosting a clinic? I'd love to learn what you have learned about the experience. Pretty please, Miss Dawn? (In my most ingratiatingly sweet, begging tone...)




retired terrierwoman, border collie wannabe


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